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Welcome! Thank you for considering ASB Chicago as your estate sale conductors. Our gratitude to our many wonderful Clients and for sharing their letters of appreciation.

We are delighted to provide a sampling of our personal client's estate sale referrals, liquidation success stories, and customer testimonials. Cheers! We look forward to serving you too.



"Dear Lorna,

"... my brother and I once again discussed how very helpful both you and Doug were after the loss of our Mother. Both of you treated her estate with dignity and respect, and helped us to gain some stability in the midst of a difficult situation. We will never forget this."


~ The Cerwin Family


" Dear Doug:

I am writing to you in gratitude for the service you have provided my family at the sad time of my mother's death and my father's move from the home they had lived in for 42 years.  

They had extensive collections reflecting great & eclectic tastes, and several relatives with excellent taste as well.  You have been compassionate and knowledgeable at a difficult time.  Your presentation on the web was excellent and your management of the sale has been highly professional.  

I am pleased to recommend your services in estate management and sales to other potential clients.  Thank you, very much. "



~ S. Heron



"Just want to take a moment and thank you for hosting a great sale. The entire staff was really helpful and friendly! Even though it was brimming with people, and a little slow checking out as a result, I'm glad I went! Got some things I'm really happy with. Will definitely keep you in mind when you're hosting other sales."



~ D. Dorris



" Dear Doug & Lorna: 

We are writing to say thank you again for everything you have done for us this past week in managing our home contents sale and the friendly, dedicated and professional manner in which you conducted it.

We feel extremely fortunate to have met you and secured your services and will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone requiring similar services.  I would add that after seeing how much work and effort was involved, no one should ever consider attempting to do this in any other way or with any other service.   The results were beyond our expectations in every single respect.

Once again, please feel free to share this letter of recommendation as you like and thank you both so very much.  We wish you the very best and hope that we may be of service to you one day. "


~ S. Applebaum



" Your courteous sales staff handled my purchase with the utmost care and attention to detail. They stayed late and went the extra mile to make the sale."


Many thanks,

~ J. Hildebrandt



" Dear Doug and Lorna, 

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with your handling of my estate sale. As you know, I was going through the worst period of my life, having just moved following the sudden death of my wife of 28 years.

Apart from the normal grief, which I'm sure you could appreciate was overwhelming; one has to go through endless arrangements, re-doing policies, address change notifications, etc. I also had to deal with unloading 28 years of accumulated belongings I could no longer use.  Each new trip to Goodwill or mega-preparation for garbage day was like fresh wounds being torn into me anew.

I couldn’t believe that not only were you prepared to alleviate the worst part of my clearing out process, but that you would handle the whole thing without the need for any significant participation on my part.  I handed you the key, you moved and displayed everything.  You cleared out an upright piano—God knows how you got it out of there—the original movers could barely get it into the upstairs music room. More than generous on your part since again, what you basically did was ease a very heavy burden for me. 

I will happily recommend you to anyone.  Thanks again—I’m sure you take deserved pride in the service you provide. "



~ A. Collins ~ Estate Sale in Geneva



"First, thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did on the estate sale"... "You made it really painless to move out a huge amount of furniture, clothing, household goods, etc., and in an orderly manner with so many buyers. Plus everyone was so nice!"  

"Once again, thank you for the great effort of you and your team."


Very truly yours ,

~ S. Baugh



" Dear Doug,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the Terrific job you did regarding our estate sale; to say my mother-in-law was pleased is an understatement. She was absolutely delighted with the results and wanted me to tell you so.

Speaking for myself and my wife, I thought you were professional, thorough, and a pleasure to deal with; to say nothing of the substantial check Alice received. There was a lot of work involved pricing and setting up, the sale itself, and the smooth aftermath. Great job, Doug!

If we ever have another situation which calls for someone in your business, we wouldn't bother talking to anyone else. I seriously doubt anyone could do a better job; we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and your company.

All the best to you, Doug and thanks again."

~ B. Terson



" Thank you for the hard work you do on professionally displaying each estate sale and for the email notifications. It is a pleasure to go to your sales.

Best wishes..."

~ D. Rojek 



" Hi Doug,

I would like to take a moment and thank you for the excellent service you provided for my mother and me at a crucial time.

After 50 years of ownership, my mom sold the house. Since my dad had died, I was the only one to help her go through and organize her belongings, and vacate the house. With time being short, the job was overwhelming. I just could not manage the whole project. I prayed for guidance and help. Then one afternoon you walked up and kindly explained your service.

You gained my trust with your graciousness and sensitivity to our situation and carried through the job with integrity. As I look back, what helped us through that whole stressful time was your unique service, carried out with respect for other's belongings as well as other people's feelings. I think this is a great gift you have and I thank you for it.  That is an aspect of professionalism that is often missing in business; really caring about the customer's feelings."


~ B. Dresser



" Doug has sold items from my Estate. He was highly professional in all his accomplishment. There is not any individual with more integrity and honesty and is above reproach. He puts so much effort in everything he does and desires nothing but the highest results from his research.

I would highly recommend him to everyone that has something to sell."


Thank-you Doug!

~ E. Schmitt



" My husband and I had traveled from Wisconsin to help a distant relative who had no other living relatives to help her. She was suffering from dementia and we were exhausted! Just dealing with the enormity of all the decisions and wanting to realize the maximum monetary value of the contents of the home for her on-going health care was seemly more than we could bear.

With A Step Beyond's help 80% of the contents sold! "


Eternally grateful,

~ Marge from Wisconsin



" Thanks again Doug, for your faithfulness to this customer. I know you are trustworthy. And we are sure glad you came by when you did. "



~ R. D.



In July of 2006, A Step Beyond Estate Sales was requested to represent and conduct the estate sale of Mr. Bruce Newton, recognized by the Aurora Historical Society as the creator of "Garfield Goose", a children's television show that predated Bozo the Clown. CBS 2 in Chicago, Illinois, was on-site for that interview.

This sale proved to be one of Chicagoland's largest and most unique estate liquidations ever! Located in Aurora, Illinois, this amazing estate was an 18 room house which included secret passageways to various rooms. The Newton's estate was packed from floor to ceiling with amazing turn-of-the century and one-of-a kind antiques, of which A Step Beyond was privileged to have conducted.



A Step Beyond Estate Sales conducted a liquidation estate sale for a woman in Aurora Illinois, in 2004. Amidst her belongings was an old Pez dispenser. This old candy toy was broken and cracked, and by her own admission the owner said she would have thrown it away.

Well, we sold her old & broken throw-away candy gun for $750.00. She was absolutely thrilled and could hardly believe it!

This is a good example of why we encourage our clients not to throw anything out prior to us conducting your sale. A Step Beyond’s vast knowledge and resources command top dollar for our clients.



In 2006, A Step Beyond conducted an Estate Sale in Wheaton Illinois for a client who is a personal friend of Chuck Norris. He owned a DeLorean, completely restored, which he had been trying to sell but had been unsuccessful.

We were able to secure numerous offers for our client and ultimately we sold the DeLorean for $11,000 ABOVE his asking price to one happy out-of-State customer. Our client was beyond thrilled!

~Throughout the years, we've had many buyers travel across the country for items we've sold on behalf of our clients.~



A Step Beyond sold two Antique Model-A Fords in 2006. Each car sold for $3,000.00 ABOVE what the current market suggested! These vehicles were just a small part of the Aurora, IL estate liquidation sale that we conducted on behalf of our client, Mr. Bruce Newton, creator of Garfield Goose.



In 2000, A Step Beyond Estate Sales & Liquidation was able to successfully sell a little old Ukulele ~ CF Martin (valued at $45 from another Chicago sale) for $2,750 Dollars to another happy customer!



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